Three siblings attempt to survive in a world with no parental support, each walking down their own road of destruction in the hopes that some light will be shed on their deep and dark lives. Karthtik, the eldest, offers love in every situation, believing that his effort will lead to the happiness that his family is longing. Shalini, the middle and feisty child, has a care a damn attitude and does things she believes she needs to do to keep her alive, avoiding her painful reality. And the youngest, Ameet, makes it very clear that he is full of anger and hatred and will do anything to show how he feels. A series of harsh events shakes the dynamics even more, in the family where a sacrifice means nothing

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Rahul Nath and Nik/Nak Productions
This is the first of many films from Nath and Nik/Nak Productions, that incorporate hard hitting subjects, intertwined with the culture and tradition of Indian societies. The aim of the combination of Nath and Nik/Nak Productions, is to generate roles for the East Indian community that showcase their talent in non stereo typical roles, and also to take subjects that other people may shy away from, and have the courage and stamina to showcase that in our films.    

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