Khazana tells the story of newly wed bride Vaidehi, who after undergoing emotional, mental and ultimately physical abuse takes a stand and sets out to take her revenge on those who destroyed her. She calls all her friends and family to a dinner planned by herself, so that secrets can be revealed and shocking revelations made. Through the dinner and multiple flashbacks, we see the various interactions that she has had with all those at the dinner table and how they have abused her and taken advantage of her.

She pretends that everyone is there to save her and help her escape the trauma that she is bearing, but secretly she has pre planned the dinner, so that she can expose everyone's true character and also what they have done to her.
Little do the guests know that they are at the table because 'Revenge is Served' !


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Rahul Nath and Nik/Nak Productions

This is the THIRD project that Nath and Nik/Nak Productions, have worked on together and this time they have focused on the subject of abuse taken by newly wed brides.The aim of the combination of Nath and Nik/Nak Productions, is to generate roles for the East Indian community that showcase their talent in non stereo typical roles, and also to take subjects that other people may shy away from, and have the courage and stamina to showcase that in our films.
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