After much wait Rahul’s Bollywood DVD is now here. Inspired by the classes taught, this Bollywood Aerobics workout video will lead you through an intense cardio workout as well releasing your inner Bollywood Star! Ideal for individuals who shy away from routine exercise, but are looking to loose weight in a fun and relaxed fashion.

Dancing Gigs

Rahul is available for private and corporate events
Please email details and to schedule an appointment to discuss the event requirements

Private Tuition

Rahul is available for private tuition and for couple training for first dances at either weddings, engagements and/or private functions. Please email for an appointment to discuss requirements

Workshops & Dance Classes

Rahul is available for ONE off dance workshops and short dance intensive courses
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Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dancing is generally classified as dancing to the soundtracks from East Indian movies, however it is much more than that. With the recent arrivals of big music directors such as AR Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire fame, the songs now have a story of their own. Combining traditional and western-influenced dance moves to these soundtracks generally equals Bollywood dancing. The articulation and specificity of hands, legs, arms and chest, make Bollywood dancing a unique & energetic form of dance that everyone can enjoy.

The class is open to all levels and includes a coordinated dance to ONE song, with a warm up and a cooldown to two different songs. All levels are welcome and the pace is set by class response. Loose clothing and either comfortable shoes, bare feet or socks are advised, but it really depends on what you are comfortable in dancing in. Be prepared to sweat. Bollywood dancing has a knack of making you exercise muscles that you never knew existed, but in a fun and easy way. Working out has never been this easy.

Bollywood Aerobic Workout

If you have hated going to the gym and dreaded the idea of running on a treadmill, then this is the class for you. A non stop aerobic cardio workout to Bollywood music that uses muscles that you never knew existed and allows you to lose weight, tone and strengthen and learn the basics of Bollywood dancing. The class does not go into the teachings of Bollywood techniques, but yet touches on it. It is more geared at building stamina and increasing your cardio levels.

All levels are welcome and the pace starts at a happy medium progressing very quickly to a fast and energetic pace that gets you sweating and energized by the end.

Mulitple songs are used in a 60 min slot, with a warm up, workout and cooldown encorporated.

With an added spiritual technique, this class is great for releasing stress, getting in touch with yourself and the main aim…keeping fit and healthy and looking GREAT!!!!



To come and join a class and experience the world of Bollywood please email at the contact page and a member of the team will provide you with details.